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2018 Cloudburst Malbec

  • Producer
    Cloudburst Wines
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  • Grape Variety
  • Region
  • Sub Region
    Margaret River
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Will Berliner laid the foundations for the great success of his wines when he selected suitable areas. He chooses a site that has never been cultivated before and that has never been contaminated with artificial fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides. Vines were planted that were not grafted onto other rhizomes, but were consistently pure. The planting was carried out in close rows, which allowed the individual plants only a limited growth. The yield of the individual vine is correspondingly low, but each grape develops a high concentration of ingredients and natural, typical aromas. The vines have deep roots and are able to ensure their water supply independently. There is therefore no need for artificial irrigation. In the growth phase, the soil is enriched with biodynamic composts and natural minerals. In the vineyard there is a high level of biodiversity due to overgrowth, which offers numerous small animals a protected habitat. Trellising, cutting and harvesting are carried out exclusively by hand to avoid any harmful compaction of the soil. The transport to the winery takes place in small quantities to ensure the freshness and integrity of the grapes.

In the comparatively short period of just a decade, Berliner has managed to establish its wines in the absolute top of the world. The wines have a permanent place on numerous wine lists of highly decorated restaurants in Australia and the USA and are also represented in the leading specialist retailers. Berliner only manages an area of just over one hectare and only produces a few thousand bottles a year. The winery has focused on three varieties. Only Chardonney (Attention: correct Chardonnay!), Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec are grown. All wines are of unusual density and complexity. These are properties that always astonish experts, because they come from vines that are only slightly older than five years.

Tasting Notes

95 Points Jane Anson
Inky purple colour, love the nose on this. Velvety texture that trips along the tongue but has grooves that stop it being too smooth, slowing down the travel through the palate. Plenty of black chocolate, roasted cloves, all-spice, bright blueberry and black pepper. No need to wait too long for this – you could give it another few years but you don’t want to miss this juicy mouthwatering freshness. 3.83ph. Bottle 98 of 1200. Delightful and extremely moreish. There is an energy in this that elevates it above your average Malbec, and makes me think of Jesse Katz’s Devil Proof from Sonoma, another exceptional example of this grape outside of its traditional regions of Argentina or Cahors.

The Envied Cellar
The Envied Cellar
The Envied Cellar