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The Wines of Cedric Bouchard

The challenge in getting your hands on a bottle of Cedric Bouchard’s wine, just goes to show that the high quality and class of this visionary winemaker’s wines is now the worst kept secret in Champagne.

If the name Bouchard sounds familiar, you may have also heard of Cedric’s grandfather, Henri Bouchard, who was a world renowned winemaker himself. Coming from a long line of vignerons, then studying viticulture and oenology, Cedric started his own Domaine in 1999.

Highly sought after by wine lovers around the world, Bouchard’s handcrafted wines from Celles-sur-Ource, Aube, Champagne, are stunning examples of traditional winemaking methods, such as wild yeast fermentation and aging in old oak barrels, while avoiding the addition of sulphites and other additives.

His wines are a testament to the power of minimal intervention winemaking, so it comes as no surprise that Bouchard is a passionate advocate for more a more natural style of winemaking, not only to produce wines of an incredible calibre, but to also help reduce environmental and health impacts from the industrial winemaking practices that are common in Champagne.

Fresh, pure and mineral in style, these wines have incredible potential to age well and show well for years to come. If you’re looking for a unique and special bottle of wine, you cannot go wrong with Cedric Bouchard.

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The Envied Cellar
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